We are figuring things out...

We are figuring things out on pricing but here is what we know:

  • Grassroots artists and small venues don't make a lot of money
  • We want Lumin to be accessible for all
  • We have thought about freemium, transaction fees, advertising and other models
  • We don't want to rush into the wrong model
  • We can't promise that it will always be free for everyone

Here is a promise we can keep: for the first 500 artists and 25 venues, the monthly fee will be exactly $0 forever, period.

Tell us what you think. We'd appreciate any feedback you'd like to give us.

Lumin is currently free - we know that someday we will need to charge somebody something to keep it viable but for now we want people using it so we can better understand it's value and the most appropriate way to make money.

Sign up today - you will NOT be asked for a credit card.