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Regarding my music, I've recently entertained on the patio of Red's Diner in Inglewood, and in addition have entertained at a number of restaurants and music engagements in BC, and through many past decades entertained in various restaurants throughout Alberta. Through vocals and guitar, I play a variety of styles and genres, including some jazz, blues, country, classical instrumentals and other types of music (some of which I have authored) which most people seem to find very appealing. At least that's what my "tip jar" seems to suggest! And regarding, Gravity, I believe the music I provide would be well received, and fit-in with its overall "vibe." I have my own sound equipment, and in addition to restaurants have much experience with playing at weddings, parties & other functions. I am certainly willing to audition anyone, and with subsequent approval perhaps occasional music-gigs & other arrangements could be considered for Gravity in the future. In fact as a suggestion, if I could set up some afternoon in the near future on Gravity's patio area, I could play a few sets there and perhaps help lure people to either come into the restaurant, or purchase some food or drink from inside and then sit on one of the several outside patio's chairs and tables. I have a variety of sound equipment including smaller battery-power ones that, after charging, do not require a plug-in to an electrical outlet, and therefore my overall space "footprint" for entertaining can be quite small. And inside Gravity, I observed that not only are its acoustics are well designed for music, but there is also a high quality sound system for musicians already installed within the restaurant. Not necessary in my case, unless that would be preferred by Gravity's management, but the commitment to be able to provide high quality entertainment is really quite impressive. Dave Morris Email: Cell: 403-969-4795
Art type: Live Music
Genre: Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop
Home base: Calgary
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Available to play music in Calgary from August 15th to December 31st, 2017.

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